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Atheists call for reduced religious footprint in constitution | Egypt Independent


- Cancellation of Article 2 in the suspended 2012 constitution. The article states that Islam is the religion of the state, Arabic is its official language and that Islamic Sharia is the source of legislation.

 Equality between men and women, unrestricted sexual relations and the removal of societal restrictions on homosexuals and transexuals.

- Removal of article giving Christians and Jews the right to be governed by their creeds while denying followers of non-Abrahamic religions or atheists the same right.

 - Cancellation of Article 219, which states that “the principles of Islamic Sharia include its commonly accepted interpretations, its fundamental and jurisprudential rules, and its widely considered sources, as stated by the schools of Sunna and Gamaa.”

 - Equality between men and women forms the basis of justice in any state and that it should be observed with regards to personal affairs, appointment to public posts and inheritance, regardless of what is stated in Islam or Christianity regarding these concerns.
- Free sexual relations between men and women so long as the woman consents to the relationship.
- Easing societal restrictions and making marriage a civil affair with no religious restrictions.
—————I agree with all the above demands and I believe they should be demands of more than just atheists in Egypt.

My knowledge is that a woman can manhandle and rape a man so I think  also the man should consent to the relationship…

For several nights after the curfew was declared on 14 August, the streets of Cairo were quieter and darker than I’d ever seen them. As quiet as the morgue, the saying goes, except that our morgue, in Zeinhom, was the busiest place in the city: the dead arriving in scores; giant, refrigerated meat trucks parked in the narrow road to hold the corpses the morgue could not accommodate; relatives and friends, distraught, trying to access bodies; residents burning incense on the street to try to mitigate the smell … The morgue is the point to which our reality keeps returning.

Has it failed?


Human Rights Watch video about the epidemic of sexual violence amid the Egypt protests: 91 incidents in four days.


- Why is it always so that the women provoke? Are the men not able to control themselves, are they not responsible of what they are doing???


Egypt, 1920s, in colour. Autochromes taken by Gervais Courtellemont and W. Robert Moore for National Geographic.

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